Hello Tournament Director,

We at Travel2Give Sports know how difficult your job can be, and we can make it easier. We specialize in securing hotel accommodations for travel teams and tournament events just like yours. Our unique program has given thousands of dollars back to travel teams and tournament hosts each year.

Here�s how it works, Travel2Give Sports will:

  • Negotiate and obtain competitive bids from hotels in your local area.
  • Secure hotel contracts with team/tournament-friendly terms(i.e. comp rooms, include cancellation due to �acts of God�, no attrition clauses, etc.).
  • Provide specific instructions for making hotel reservations which can easlily be distributed to all players,parents and fans.
  • Communicate directly with team managers and parents regarding reservations, cancellations, questions, and last minute changes. Therefore, parents call you less.
  • Work directly with hotel management on rooming lists, confirmation numbers, and a final audit of rooms used to insure proper payment

In addition to the above services, Travel2Give Sports will give a rebate back to you per your choosing. Most Tournament Directors choose a $5 or $10 rebate.

This service is absolutely free. We do not mark up our travel prices in order to cover the rebate back to you. As an IATA Travel Agency the hotel gives us 10% commissions, which we keep to cover our work. We negotiate better deals with perks that you simply cannot negotiate, reduce some of your tournament responsibilities and headaches, plus give anegotiated rebate back to you.

Why Travel2Give Sports?

Travel2Give Sports Features


  • Do all of the work associated with finding, negotiating, and contracting with hotels.
  • No more hassles
  • No more long hotel searches
  • No more hotel negotiations
  • Tournament friendly contracts
  • Gives you more time to work on other tournament event needs.
  • Professional online booking site for reservations as well as 1-800 assistance from representative to handle all reservations, questions, cancellations, and last minute changes.
  • Professional appearance.
  • Ease of making reservations by teams.
  • Ensures that every team is placed correctly.
  • No more last minute calls from parents.
  • We are giving 10% commissions and negotiate an additional rebate for you with the hotel.
  • You get a rebate of your choosing
  • More revenue for you to work with.
  • Fully licensed, accredited Travel agency
  • Working with an agency that meets and exceeds all criteria for travel excellence
  • Experienced sports travel agency currently working with many teams and tournaments.
  • You can delegate the entire travel task to us with complete confidence
  • Special niche in hotel industry. Training of entire staff was done by former Executive Vice President for Hotels.com
  • Top hotels at value rates
  • Best deals on lodging
  • Best amenities
  • Skilled negotiator working for you
  • Experienced travel professionals who like what they-we-do.
  • Always glad to hear from you
  • Take deviations and special requests in stride
  • Deal cordially with our vendors
  • You�ll like doing business with us.
  • We�ll like doing business with you
  • WIN-WIN.

Letter Of Intent

The following is a letter of intent for your working arrangement with Travel2Give, LLC. It is intended to outline the travel and billing services that Travel2Give will provide in support of your team travel program.

1. Travel2Give, a licensed and accredited travel agency headquartered in Knoxville, TN, will provide travel arrangements including, but not limited to, hotel accommodations for your travel teams, coaches, parents, cheerleaders and fans.
2. Travel2Give will handle all contracts, correspondence and distribution of information to travelers, parents, coaches, hotels and other travel vendors as necessary to manage the travel arrangements on behalf of the teams coming to your tournament(s).
3. Travel2Give will receive travel agency commissions from travel vendors in keeping with industry standard travel agency commission policies.
4. Within 30 days of Travel2Give�s receipt of vendor commissions for services rendered for your tournament and your negotiated rebate for your tournament, Travel2Give will pay tournament director,or hosting team, the negotiated rebate amount for each paid room night.
5. Within 30 days of Travel2Give�s receipt of vendor commissions for services rendered for your tournament, Travel2Give will pay according to your selection below(Please Select):
  • All monies due will be paid to tournament director and/or host team except for the exception in point 4.

  • All monies paid to participating travel team.

  • � monies due paid to tournament director and/or host team and � monies due paid to all participating travel team(s).
6. Travel2Give will maintain auditable records for three years after the date of tournament. You may audit Travel2Give�s records related to your tournament(s) upon reasonable notice.
7. You and host organization acknowledges that third parties(i.e. hotels) provide all travel services and that Travel2Give does not actually operate any travel services. You and host organization agrees to hold Travel2Give harmless from and against any claim against you or the host organization that might be brought due to any injury, death, property damage, or other adverse event occurring to any person who booked travel through Travel2Give.
8. Travel2Give and travel team/organization agree that all disputes arising under or in connection with the provisions of this agreement shall be resolved by reference to the laws of the state of Tennessee (excluding its conflict of laws rule) and that any lawsuit brought to resolve such a dispute shall be filed in a federal or state court in Tennessee having subject matter jurisdiction and venue over the matter. You and host organization hereby agrees to waive any defense of lack of personal jurisdiction and to submit to the jurisdiction of such court.

We trust this is your understanding of the services that will be provided to you by Travel2Give. Please indicate your agreement by signing and returning one copy of this letter to the address above. Travel2Give appreciates your business and we look forward to forging a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

Name Title
Team Name Date
Travel2Give Corporate Representative
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Marketing Associate Date
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Room Nights Rebate of $5.00 per Room Night Rebate of $10.00 per Room Night
50 $250 $500
100 $500 $1,000
200 $1000 $2,000
500 $2500 $5,000
1000 $5000 $10,000
2000 $10,000 $20,000

Based on above example: If the teams at your tournament use 2000 room nights, Travel2Give Sports will send you a check totaling $9000.

That's what we're talking about!


City State Zip Code
Phone Fax
Contact Person Title
Make Checks Payable To
Signature Date
Print Name Title

The above Form with the Letter of Intent will be emailed to service(at)travel2give.com.

9111 Cross Park Drive,         Suite D-200 Knoxville,         TN 37923 (877) 442-4483         Fax: (865) 824-2777

For Inquiries Contact: service(at)travel2give.com