For Teams and Team Managers:

Q. When should we give our tournament schedule to Travel 2 Give?

A. We encourage your team to give us your tournament schedule as early as possible and as soon as you know it. We are able to secure a wider variety of hotel choices as well as more competitive pricing the more advanced we reserve blocks. We can always cancel the reserved rooms if your team decides not to attend the tournament.

Q. Is there a minimum # of rooms that can be requested?

A. No, your team can request as few rooms as required, however, please note that a group reservation is usually considered to be 10 or more rooms which means better rates can usually be gotten for groups reserving 10 rooms or more. Consider combining 2 or more teams if traveling to the same tournament in order to receive better group rates.

Q. What is the cost to individual team members/managers for the service Travel 2 Give offers?

A. There is no cost to individual team members or managers. Service provided by Travel 2 Give is absolutely free.

Q. What are the cancellation policies?

A. Cancellation policies vary from each hotel. The hotelís group and individual cancellation policies will be listed on their group contract. It is the teamís responsibility to adhere to the hotelís cancellation policy.

Q. Can we make changes to our reservation after the initial booking?

A. Yes, you may make necessary changes to your reservation by contacting Travel 2 Give directly either by calling 1-877-442-4483 ext. 703 or by emailing us at [email protected] prior to the deadline date. After the deadline, T2G kindly asks that team members contact the hotel directly. Travel 2 Give prides itself on our customer service record and will do everything to accommodate any needed changes which are required. However, availability is contingent on the separate hotels, and Travel 2 Give cannot guarantee the hotelís ability to make changes after the initial booking.

Q. Can we as a team make all our tournament hotel reservations through Travel 2 Give?

A. Yes and no. T2G is happy to assist your team with hotel accommodations all over the country and abroad. In certain circumstances, however, a tournament requires a team to use a mandatory housing bureau service in order to participate in the event. In these rare instances, T2G would not be able to assist your team, and a team representative would need to secure hotel rooms through the appropriate channels.

Q. What is the best way to make a reservation?

A. The fastest and easiest way to make a hotel reservation is through the T2G online reservation system at If you do not have internet access or wish to speak to a customer service representative, feel free to call us at 1-877-442-4483 ext. 703, and we will be happy to assist you.

Q. Is my credit card information secure?

A. Please see our full Privacy Policy at

Q. What is the payment policy and time frame in which my team will receive money?

A. Travel 2 Give will receive commissions paid by the hotels. Within 30 days of receiving those commission payments, Travel 2 Give will issue a check to your team equaling 50% of those commissions. See full Commissions Policy at

For Tournament Director and Housing Bureau Hosts:

Q. Can we use your Housing Bureau Service without making it mandatory for all our participating teams?

A. Yes. It would be the responsibility of the Tournament site to list and promote our service to participating teams, and of course, the more teams that utilize our service, the more revenue the host will receive.

Q. Can we as the tournament host specify at what percentage we would like commissions to be paid?

A. Yes, it is the Travel 2 Give policy to give 50% of our earned commissions back to the hosting tournament. However, is the host prefers, those commissions may be divided between the individual teams and the host or given directly to each individual team, it is up to the tournament host to decide.

Q. Can we make changes to the tournament listing after the initial application?

A. Yes, just contact a T2G customer service representative by emailing us at [email protected] or by calling us at 1-877-442-4483 ext. 703.

Q. How far in advance do we as tournament hosts need to obtain the travel 2 Give service prior to the actual tournament?

A. We prefer as much time possible in order to contact a bigger variety of hotels as well as to obtain the best and most competitive prices, therefore 4-5 months is preferable. However, in certain circumstances, Travel 2 Give will work with tournament hosts with less time.

Q. Will parents and team members be constantly calling me with regard to their reservations?

A. Hopefully not. We at Travel 2 Give encourage you to promote our services in all materials in which you promote the tournament itself, whether that be a website, flyers, emails, etc. The more a team to contacts us, the less they will contact you.

Q. When and how will we as tournament host receive money?

A. Travel 2 Give receives commissions from the hotels. Within 30 days of receiving these payments, Travel 2 Give will issue a check equaling 50% of our commission to the tournament host as directed by the tournament director. There are several options in receiving payment:
    1-The Tournament host receives full 50% of the commission due; or
    2-The Tournament host receives 25% of commission, and the individual team receives 25%; or
    3-The individual team receives full 50% of commission.
The decision is up to the tournament host.